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Outlaw Meats
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Outlaw Meats at Horse Camp Ranch

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Our lamb is now available for direct sale, here, online.

nicki and dennisDennis Clausen and Nicola von Rosen bring together a wide range of experience and a love for livestock. Dennis is one of New Zealands last true High Country Sheep Musterers who chose Canada as his home while importing Fallow Deer here. Both in Canada and New Zealand, Dennis managed farms with various types of livestock. Nicola has always been happiest surrounded by animals and has been strongly influenced by her grandmothers interest in organic/ biodynamic farming and her love for nature. When Nicola is not at the ranch, she is in West Vancouver working in a group home. Together they are commited to further develop their passion for raising animals in a natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly way.

It is said that in the late 1800's a local outlaw used the ranch to hide stolen horses. Located in the Cariboo district of British Columbia, it was the perfect location: secluded and with its appealing mix of natural springs, grasslands, forest, riparian areas and access to the beautiful Bonaparte River. The same features that attracted the outlaw to this land, draw us, as these features are essential for sustainable, selfsufficient and low impact farming. Outlaw Meats are the fine quality products we are proud to bring to you from Horse Camp Ranch.

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