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Outlaw Meats
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Our Naturally Raised, Local Lamb Meat

naturalGrass + Lamb = Healthy Meat

  • Not living in crowded living conditions allows for healthy livestock eliminating the need for preventative antibiotics
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No vaccines are given to our market lambs
  • Parasite control is used but only if needed
  • No chemical fertilizers are used on our fields
  • No grain diet: only grass and hay
  • Our facilities and farming methods are designed to be low impact and low stress to all our animals

farm fresh pricingCan healthy fat be good for you?

Recent studies are showing the multiple health benefits to eating the meat from cattle and sheep which have never been fed grain. Even the fat from these animals is proving to have significant additional vitamins, omega-3 fats and CLA's which are known to combat carcinogens and assist in healthy functioning of the heart. This is in addition to the already commonly known health benefits found in naturally raised meat. Our Planet Earth also is grateful if we raise our animals on only grass because it's a much less energy intensive way of growing meat and the way nature intended in the first place. As well, unlike grain finished lambs, these lambs are raised on deep-rooted wild grasses and alfalfa which draw up important minerals and nutrients that make their way into the food chain. For more info on this check out

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